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  • Title IX Today is a practical, quick read, to keep you up to speed, and ATIXA will make sure to keep you updated on membership, resources, services, and training opportunities available.
  • With more than 40,000 professionals at schools and colleges in the US dedicated to Title IX compliance, there is a need for a timely newsletter for the field now more than ever. Making Title IX Today free is part of ATIXA’s intentional outreach to K-12 schools, to help them become more focused on the important issues that Title IX covers. And, ATIXA is keeping its great news focus for college and university members, too.
  • Title IX includes issues of sex equity, rights of transgender individuals, protections for pregnant and parenting students, sexual misconduct, civil rights investigations, athletics and more. With such broad, relevant coverage to the law, the field needs a way to keep up with the regular progress, changes, cases, and news that affect schools and colleges.


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